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                             The Classic DB Lagonda        

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The 2.6 dhc cars from 1949 - 1953


Originally available in single colour paint schemes with contrasting hood colors.  The drophead was bodied by Tickford, at the time still seperate from  Aston Martin. Today these cars are often see in strong vibrant colours or better still delightful two-tone body paint schemes to bring out the mulitple curves in the Frank Feeley design. Owners can take their queue from some of the wonderful paint schemes seen on pre-war V12 saloons and dhc's resident in Australia, wonderful and refreshing ! You want to enjoy your car, no reason to stick with the dreadful black, gray or dull greens so often seen and some of the other period colours.


Do note the wonderfully oppulent interior with walnut veneered dashboard and door cappings, leather seats throughout and nice quality deep pile Wilton carpets, with leather edging. The American's do love to over detail cars, but this two-tone car shown in the slide show is clearly a rare concours level car. A total production run of 124 2.6 dhc's were sold by the works at Fetlham, and the survival rate for these cars is pretty good.


Engine bays seem to have been either painted body colour or black.  Normally seen with a single 12 volt battery, doing away with the two 6 volts batteries, a sensible conversion.


I have added a slide-show of a number of different Lagonda 2.6 dhc's from around the world, I hope you enjoy them, and will add more as and hen owners send me pictures.

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